Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thing # 23

What a ride! I kinda liked it!!!
I learned A LOT!!! I had fallen behind in technology and this was a good way to catch up and figure out which " things" I wanted to explore some more. I want to incorporate more technology into my lessons and this was just wanted I needed. There are several other teachers and regular people who could use this and I told them about it.
I most enjoyed the blogging experience and I want to keep blogging. Also, I am going to join the Texas Librarians ning! I thought I would even do a class wiki next year. So, lots of ideas going through my head about to incorporate this into my personal and professional life.

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Thing # 22

Well, way cool !! is my reaction to nings. This is definelty one of my favorites that I have done on 23 Things. I really enjoyed reading the Harry Potter discusion on Teacher Librarian Ning. I thought thiss would be terrific for those of us just starting out. I saw that they had a discusasion specifically for New/Young TLs and one for middle school, which I think is my prime interest. Also enjoyed reading one YA Lit. If you notice on my book list, it is almost all YA lit.
Since we will be the only librarian on campus , it is important to feel connected to others in the same position.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thing # 21 again

Ok, well I wasn't at all succesful. I tried to install audacity and it just kept saying that it was downloading, but it took sooo very long and with no end. Then, I went to photostory. I promise I followed the instructions, I went to all programs and that was as far as I got. It said from there to go to photoshop, but it was never an option . So, after trying again several times( an hour) I accept defeat. I even tried to sneak it in through picasa, but I never got the video or the slide show to work. So , that's how that cookie crumbled...
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thing# 21

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Thing # 20